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Breaking News: Dana White Isn’t The Biggest Fan Of Jiu Jitsu – Springfield MA

Shocker:  Dana White Isn't The Biggest Fan Of Jiu Jitsu

I know this may shock some of you, but Dana White doesn’t seem to care what’s going on in the jiu jitsu world. A few of Dana’s followers tracked Dana down on Twitter to ask him about Diaz no-showing at the World Jiu Jitsu Expo over the weekend. Dana not only gave his thoughts on that situation, but also let everyone know that jiu jitsu isn’t fighting. And as for Braulio Estima? Turns out he’s not quite on Dana’s radar.

A fan stated that Diaz shouldn’t be at the expo at all because he’s on suspension. Dana responded with the following tweet:

@Huck_The_Doctor exactly!!! Nick is on suspension right now. He can’t fight at all. BJJ is FAR from fighting.

Color us disappointed. So if a guy finishes in the octagaon via submission, it’s a fight? But if he doesn’t throw punches first it’s not a fight? What if it’s in the UFC and the submission comes before any punches were thrown? Is it still a fight? I guess not.

When asked if Dana had any thoughts on Diaz vs Estima, he sent out the following tweet:

@JackHammerMMA I have never heard of the guy he was supposed to grapple. Lol, guess I am WAY out of the f#$#^ loop

Sorry Braulio. If it’s any consolation, we know who you are. Sure, we may not have millions of dollars to throw at you in contract money, but you have our respect. And what’s worth more than that?

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Brock Lesnar Brings His Submission Skill To The WWE – BJJ in Springfield MA

Brock Lesnar Brings His Submission Skill To The WWE
MMA in Springfield MA

If you thought ‘The Undertaker’ was the only professional wrestler with sub-par jiu jitsu skill, you’d be wrong. You can now add Brock Lesnar to the short list of wrestlers with terrible submission-related finishers. The question is, who does it worse?

‘The Undertaker’ has a gogoplata finisher that has been noticeably hard to watch for anybody with an ounce of submission knowledge. But now, Brock Lesnar is looking to take the throne as the newest professional wrestler with terrible technique. His finishing move? The Kimura.

Since making the transition from MMA back to professional wrestling, Lesnar has decided to keep some of his new found skills. On Monday night, Brock Lesnar used his ‘kimura’ to ‘break’ the arm of ‘Triple H’. Yes, I realize there are a lot of quotations in there, but this is ‘wrestling’ after all.

Check out video from Lesnar’s kimura. The submission itself starts around the 10 minute mark, but if you’re into the whole male soap opera that is wrestling, you can watch the whole thing. We won’t judge you.

Brock Lesnar finishes the kimura from what appears to be a bottom open half guard position. You know, exactly how you would finish if this were real life.

May 2
Christopher Phalanx (not verified)

For some reason this doesn’t sit well with me. Watching someone do a real submission in a make-believe world causes my gears to bind up. Plus seeing Brock in the land of fantasy again is weird after coming from the most enjoyable and real sport in modern time. He literally went from one extreme to the other. Or maybe I just miss his hype in the UFC…

Bruce Lee, Father Of Mixed Martial Arts MMA Jeet Kune Do

Western Mass BJJ is a big fan of how Bruce Lee affected martial arts in Springfield Ma.
Mixed martial arts or MMA as this popular fighting sport is commonly known is a combination of different martial arts combat styles including kickboxing, jiujitsu, wrestling, boxing and others.  The MMA fighters are basically using the most effective fighting techniques from different styles of martial arts in the ring.  Interestingly enough, there is a Bruce Lee connection to MMA.
So instead of training in just one discipline like wrestling or boxing, MMA fighters must train in a variety of techniques from different martial arts which make them better rounded fighters.  Although it may seem like a novel or revolutionary concept, this idea of using the best of different martial arts styles is not new.
In fact, the martial arts legend and action movie star Bruce Lee, is considered by many in the martial arts world to be the father of mixed martial arts.  He was the first to publicly advocate training in a variety of martial arts styles including western boxing and wrestling.
Bruce Lee moved away from being a traditional martial artist utilizing classical forms, stances and techniques.  He created his own style of martial arts called Jeet June Do which is pretty well his style of mixed martial arts.  He even compiled his ideas of mixed martial arts in his book called Tao of Jeet Kune Do.
This caused some controversy among some of the traditionalists in martial arts back in his time, especially before he became famous through his movies.  But as time went on, even after his death, his concepts became more accepted by modern martial artists around the world.  He has influenced countless numbers of martial artists to train with a variety of martial arts techniques.
History now suggests that Bruce Lee was way ahead of his time with his early ideas of mixed martial arts.  If he can only see what he has started now with the explosion of MMA as a popular sport.  He would be certainly be proud.  The mixed martial arts MMA world definitely owes a lot to Bruce Lee for having the ingenuity and courage to go against the traditionalists to develop the mixed martial arts concept so many years ago.
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Free Women’s Self Defense Seminar at Team Link Enfield

On Sunday April 29th from 12-2pm Team Link Brazilian Jiujitsu Enfield will be conducting our 2nd FREE women’s self defense seminar. This seminar is for women age 14 and up. The last seminar was a lot of fun and we had great feedback from the women that attended. PLEASE don’t take your safety lightly.You will learn self defense techniques but more importantly you will gain valuable KNOWLEDGE that could save your life.

Team Link Enfield is located inside of Northeast Elite Wrestling 72 Shaker Rd. Enfield,Ct. 06082. Call 1-855-CTLINK(528-5465) to reserve your spot today.

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Women’s Self Defense (BJJ) Classes: Western Mass BJJ guide you step by step.

Kira Gracie is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

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The Advantages of Participating in Jiu Jitsu for Girls: Health, Strength of Character and Self Defense

“But shouldn’t she be taking dance classes instead?”

“My daughter is 9 years old and a fourth grade honor roll student. Besides being smart AND the most beautiful girl in the universe (as I am sure your daughter is, too!) she is also creative and energetic. She enjoys playing with dolls, reading horror books (like R.L. Stine) and sewing. She likes boys, too, which of course is new territory for me as her mom. Often she spends hours braiding her hair or changing her outfits six times per hour. In other words, she is a typical nine year old girl!

Three days a week, however, she (along with her younger brother) dons a gi, kicks off her flip flops, bows respectfully and joins a large group of (mostly) boys for her class in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. For an hour she sprints, rolls, cartwheels, and performs all manner of difficult Pilates-style exercises before spending twenty to thirty minutes participating in full-contact grappling with boys and girls of all sizes and ages. Her instructors are tough – the children are expected to have self-control and discipline. There is no striking, kicking, hair-pulling, eye-poking, or roughhousing allowed. If a student feels concerned he or she will be injured, a simple tap on the sparring partner’s body alerts the person to ease up and then they begin again.

So why do I allow my daughter to participate in a full-contact grappling sport?

The short answer: Because I love her, and I want her to be independent and secure her entire life.

“It can be a dangerous world for girls”

Statistics show that 1 in 5 girls have been sexually assaulted by someone they know by the time they reach high school. Far from the media-perpetuated myth of armed strangers attacking helpless girls, the most common sexual assault is perpetrated by someone the girl knows.

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