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Team Link Purple Belt Beats Black Belt at 2013 Abu Dhabi pro trials in NY

Ana Carolina “Morena” Lima a Purple Belt from Team Link Manchester, NH didn’t win the trip to Abu Dhabi this year but was victorious against a Black Belt in her 1st match winning by points 7-0.  Morena fought hard her second match against a tough Brown Belt and lost by points 5-2. All of us from Team Link are very proud of Morena for having fought so hard for our team. It goes to show that hard work truly pays off!!! For info how to become part of our team visit


Jon Manley Shown In The House – TUF 16 Preview

No one knows for sure, but it appears that Team Link’s Jon Manley makes it into the house.  Set your DVR’s or just  watch The Ultimate Fighter on Sept 14 on FX at 9pm.

Manley On The Ultimate Fighter Season 16 – MMA Lessons Springfield MA

The UFC announced yesterday that Team Link’s own Jon Manley will be on the cast of The Ultimate Fighter that will premiere on Friday Sept 14 at 9pm. We are very proud and can’t wait to see this great instructor of MMA in Springfield MA get fight to get on the house. He has worked very hard to get where he is today. While in the process of starting his own Team Link School in Northampton MA, he got the call to go to the show. Can’t wait to see him go!!!!

Taking MMA Lessons in Springfield MA

Some big questions to ask when choosing a gym to take MMA classes in Springfield MA is how many professional fighters does that school have? How many of the fighters are in the UFC, have fought in the UFC or about to be signed in the UFC? Do other fighters and BJJ stars go there train? Do fighters come other countries like Brazilian and Spain to learn and step up there game? I am not telling you what the right answer is to these questions are.  You can figure it out for yourself.

To be good at MMA you must be good at all aspects of the sport. Such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Striking, kicking, and wrestling. Strength and conditioning along with cardio are essential aspects of the game as well.

Why should you choose a gym that has a really good BJJ program if you are looking for MMA instruction in Springfield MA? The reason is simply put, Jiu Jitsu is extremely technical and takes a very long time to become good. That is why you should start kids with BJJ and then work in other styles as they age.


New Martial Arts Classes Springfield Mass Area : Ludlow Team Link Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Classes in Springfield MA

When choosing a school to train in order to become stronger and to be mentally prepared for fighting situations you must train at a gym where there is most champions. Team Link in Ludlow is that school. No where is there more champions then within the Team Link organization. This photo was taken during a MMA class in our Ludlow school. New classes form all the time. So come on in and take advantage of some free MMA training.

When choosing a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School in Springfield MA or an Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)  school for that matter there are many things to consider. Mixed Martial Arts in Springfield MA there is are few choices be careful.

Free martial arts classesat Team Link and how to choose a MMA school

How to find MMA lessons in Springfield MA