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Dirlei “Mao de Pedra” Broenstrup Defeats Walter Howard at Reality Fighting

Dirlei Broenstrup defeats Walter Howard

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Walter Howard 2-2-0 Vs Dirlei Broenstrup 6-3-0 at 205lbs.

Dirlei starts us off with a leg kick.  Dirlei gets the takedown but Walter is fighting his way back up.  They get back to their feet and there is a cup shot.  Walter comes forward swinging and is connecting with some good shots.  They clinch and Dirlei gets in an elbow.  They are clinching for a bit and exchanging knees.  They break and Dirlei takes him down and is working the side.  Dirlei threatens with a kimura but can’t get it.  They get back to their feet and Dirlei takes him down again working a rear naked choke but runs out of time.

Dirlei 10-9

Rd 2:  Dirlei starts us off with some leg kicks.  He then gets the double leg takedown and is in half guard.  Not much action is going on and the crowd is booing.  Dirlei is getting in some short punches.  Kevin stands them up.  Walter takes full advantage and gets in a combo.  He pushes Dirlei back with another combo.  Dirlei is fighting for a takedown and gets it.  He is working for a rear naked choke but this time with more time left.  He has a body triangle and is trying to sink in the arm under the chin.  Dirlei rolls him and is now full mount and gets in an elbow before the round ends.

Dirlei 10-9

Rd 3:  Dirlei starts us off with a cup shot.  He gets a warning but no point deduction.  Walter is working his jab.  Dirlei gets in some leg kicks.  He misses with a right.  Dirlei connects with a nice shot.  He is now fighting for a single leg takedown but Walter defends it well.  The ref breaks them up.  Walter is getting in his combos.  Dirlei’s mouthpiece goes flying.  Kevin stops the action and gives Dirlei is mouthpiece back.  Dirlei goes for a takedown but is pushed down.  Walter is on top and is getting in some big ground and pound as the round ends.  Dirlei is bleeding at the top of his head.

Walter 10-9

Dirlei Broenstrup defeats Walter Howard via unanimous decision.

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Gabriel Gonzaga will fight at UFC 162

Gonzaga vs Schaub

Team Link will return at UFC 162

An unspecified injury has forced heavyweight Shane Del Rosario to withdraw from UFC 162. As a result, Gabriel Gonzaga has stepped in to fill the void and face Dave Herman at the July 6 event.

The UFC announced the changes late on Friday night.

Gonzaga will have about five weeks to prepare for Herman.

The fight is likely a pivotal one for the UFC career of Herman, who has lost three straight and is also coming off a suspension for a failed drug test that flagged him for marijuana usage.

Herman (21-5) has been finished in three straight fights. He was most recently submitted by Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 153. Prior to that he suffered a knockout loss at the hands of Roy Nelson, and another TKO via Stefan Struve. His only UFC win was a Fight of the Night knockout over John Olav Einemo in June 2011.

Gonzaga (14-7) is seven weeks removed from a knockout loss to Travis Browne at The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale, a defeat that snapped a three-fight win streak. He was just removed from a mandatory medical suspension on Wednesday.

UFC 162 takes place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and will be headlined by a middleweight title match pitting Anderson Silva against challenger Chris Weidman.

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Jon “Super” Manley of Team Link defeats Mike Winters at Victory 2

Jon Manley vs Mike Winters

Victory Combat Sports put on very good show at The Dorchester Armory on Saturday May 18th 2013.

Here is the review and play by play of the fight.

Jon Manley vs Mike Winters
Pro Welterweight division
Jon Manley (Team Link) vs Mike Winters (Bombsquad)

RD1: Jon comes out aggressive landing a variety of strikes. Mike shoots for a takedown and is unsuccessful as Jon easily stuffs him. Jon getting the better in these early exchanges. Jon keeps landing solid strikes, landing a right hand that drops Mike. Mike now looking to get this fight to the ground but Jon is doing a great job at defending.

RD2: Mike gets this fight to the ground to start the second. Jon gets the fight back to its feet very quickly though as Mike can’t capitalize on the takedown. Mike gets another takedown by slamming Jon to the mat and landing right in side control. Both fighters scramble and the fight is back on the feet. Jon is landing over and over again; he is outclassing Mike on the feet right now. Mike needs to do something here to get this fight to the ground because he hasn’t shown he can strike with Jon.

RD3: Dejavu from the previous round, Jon is just much better than Mike on the feet and its showing. Mike lands some nice shots but Jon is landing more frequently. Mike is doing much better in this round in the stand up department but Jon is still showing he is the better stand up fighter. Mike shoots for a much needed take down but is easily stuffed by Jon. Mike lands some solid strikes but too little too late as the round comes to an end.

Jon Manley Wins via unanimous decision.

Jon Manley defeats Mike Winters

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Jon Manley Wins His Fight and is the House – The Ultimate Fighter Fridays

It was a was great win over a very tough opponent. Jon Manley won his match against Ricky Legere Jr. This guy had a record of 14-4, was a Strikeforce veteran and was the favorite going in. Jon knew this was a fight for survival and played it smart. He controlled both the first and second round giving him the win  by decision. Dana White was not happy with fight because there was not a lot of action, but he did what he was supposed to do, WIN!!!!!

I can’t wait to Friday to see what happens next. This is the most exciting season yet, in my opinion.

Manley On The Ultimate Fighter Season 16 – MMA Lessons Springfield MA

The UFC announced yesterday that Team Link’s own Jon Manley will be on the cast of The Ultimate Fighter that will premiere on Friday Sept 14 at 9pm. We are very proud and can’t wait to see this great instructor of MMA in Springfield MA get fight to get on the house. He has worked very hard to get where he is today. While in the process of starting his own Team Link School in Northampton MA, he got the call to go to the show. Can’t wait to see him go!!!!

New MMA Gym in Western Mass

Team Link is getting very close to premier it’s new location to bring you quality MMA training in Springfield Massachusetts. Granted the new gym is in Ludlow, everyone knows where Springfield is. I can proudly say the new school will be worth the trip from any where in Western Mass, even New England for that matter. As lighted in our how to find a good BJJ school page, the same thing goes when choosing a gym to take MMA training in Springfield MA.

Do your research and decide what are your goals. Are you looking to get in shape and want good exercise? Do you want to learn self defense? Or do you want to explore a career in the sport of mixed martial arts and want to fight in the UFC? I do not know about you, but I would want to be trained by someone who trains fighters who have been able to get into the UFC. If an instructor’s teaching is good enough were there students get offered to fight in Ultimate Fighting, that must mean they are the best right? That is simple logic.


Taking MMA Lessons in Springfield MA

Some big questions to ask when choosing a gym to take MMA classes in Springfield MA is how many professional fighters does that school have? How many of the fighters are in the UFC, have fought in the UFC or about to be signed in the UFC? Do other fighters and BJJ stars go there train? Do fighters come other countries like Brazilian and Spain to learn and step up there game? I am not telling you what the right answer is to these questions are.  You can figure it out for yourself.

To be good at MMA you must be good at all aspects of the sport. Such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Striking, kicking, and wrestling. Strength and conditioning along with cardio are essential aspects of the game as well.

Why should you choose a gym that has a really good BJJ program if you are looking for MMA instruction in Springfield MA? The reason is simply put, Jiu Jitsu is extremely technical and takes a very long time to become good. That is why you should start kids with BJJ and then work in other styles as they age.


New Martial Arts Classes Springfield Mass Area : Ludlow Team Link Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Classes in Springfield MA

When choosing a school to train in order to become stronger and to be mentally prepared for fighting situations you must train at a gym where there is most champions. Team Link in Ludlow is that school. No where is there more champions then within the Team Link organization. This photo was taken during a MMA class in our Ludlow school. New classes form all the time. So come on in and take advantage of some free MMA training.

When choosing a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School in Springfield MA or an Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)  school for that matter there are many things to consider. Mixed Martial Arts in Springfield MA there is are few choices be careful.

Free martial arts classesat Team Link and how to choose a MMA school

How to find MMA lessons in Springfield MA

Free Seminar with Pre-Olympic and 3x  National Champion Abner Lloveras at Team Link in Ludlow Massachusetts

It will be a day to remember, so get ready. Abner “Skullman” Lloveras will be teaching a Free Boxing Seminar at Team Link in Ludlow Massachusetts. Where other schools charge for seminars with world class athletes, Team Link Ludlow will be hosting this seminar free of charge.

Abner Lloveras is a 3 time Spain National boxing champion wining Gold Medals in these Spanish Olympic boxing tournaments. His skills do not just lie in boxing, he is also a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is a Professional Mixed Martial Art (MMA) Fighter. With that being said, he is currently the M-1 European Welterweight Champion and the Shooto European Welterweight Champion. These are titles in two separate MMA fighting venues. Lloveras will be in the Massachusetts area preparing for his fight that is scheduled on Friday June 15th for CES MMA at the Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

“Abner’s hands move in ways you don’t even think is possible and he taught me so much in just a couple training sessions I had with him early this year. I can’t wait to work with him again.” says Team Link’s manager James Soffen. When asked, Tom from Springfield MA said, “I can’t wait for Abner to be here so he can share some of skill with me and my son.”

Lloveras has trained under the guidance of 2006 USA Martial Arts Hall of Famer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor of the Year, Master Marco Alvan. “Nothing pleases me more than getting the opportunity to train talented athletes like Abner. He is very dedicated to his craft. Infact he left Spain for the entire year of 2011 to come train here at Team Link in Ludlow Massachusetts to improve upon his BJJ and to work with me. I am glad to have him back.” says Alvan.

What: Boxing Seminar with Olympic Boxing Champion Abner Lloveras
Where: Team Link Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at 34 East Street Ludlow MA 01056
When: Thursday May 17, 2012 from 8pm-9pm
Cost: Free, but space is limited, call or email to reserve your spot
Contact: (413) 589-0080

MMA in Springfield MA: Roger Gracie Returns To The Octagon In July

Roger Gracie Returns To The Octagon In July

The BJJ in MMA legend, Roger Gracie, will finally return to MMA action after an 8 month layoff. The jiu jitsu ace has recently inked a deal to train out of the Blackhouse gym in California with guys like Anderson Silva and the Nogueira brothers. Following his bout with King Mo, Roger has decided to move down a weight class to welterweight. He will be taking on another relative new-comer to the welterweight division on a Strikeforce card set for July.

Roger Gracie has been penciled in to take on UFC-veteran, Keith Jardine. Roger GracieJardine is fresh welterweight himself, fighting for the first time in that division against current champion, Luke Rockhold.

Keith Jardine has never been submitted in his MMA career, but he’s also never faced a guy like Roger Gracie. Jardine is a classic ‘stand and bang’ type fighter who will be in deep waters if the fight hits the ground against a guy like Gracie. Jardine’s wrestling is decent, but I don’t seem him being able keep this on the feet for the duration of a 15 minute bout. As soon as this hits the mat, I expect Roger to work his game to perfection.

Although the bout has been set, there’s no official date for the event. It’s expected that Tim Kennedy will be gunning for Luke Rockhold’s belt on the same card, but that bout has not been confirmed.

If you want to train MMA in Springfield MA, there is only one place, Team Link.