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Muay Thai Classes in Springfield MA at Best MMA School in Western Mass Team Link Ludlow

Best Muay Thai in Western Mass

Best Muay Thai in Western Mass

You can improve your health and have a physically fit body by getting into our Muay Thai fitness programs at Team Link Ludlow. This is the best way for you to have a stronger body and gain confidence. Muay Thai workouts can help you to be at your best fighting form as well. This new martial arts class in Springfield Ma are forming right now.

Gustavo Kuhn World Champion Muay Thai Fighter

Gustavo Kuhn World Champion Muay Thai Fighter

Team Link in Ludlow Massachusetts is proud to have 3x Brazilian Nation Muay Thai Champion, current South American Muay Thai champion, and 4th Place winner of Thailand’s International Muay Thai Championship, Gustavo Kuhn teaching all the techniques that made him the champion he is today. The opportunity to learn from a world champion Muay Thai fighter does not happen everyday. Now these are the benefits of training Muay Thai.

Many individuals will get positive results from Muay Thai trainings. You will build stronger and more defined arms, stomach and legs. This program will also help you to gain a sense of inner strength and emotional balance which will be portrayed into your everyday live

Muay Thai training has bee proven to have benefits on the cardiovascular system and the toning of your muscles simply by just completing our training workout.

Muay Thai training and the innovative variations of the jabs, other powerful punch combinations, defense, and fitness combines many types of aerobics exercises. You will learn the proper mechanics and how to effectively execute the fluid movement of the punch, knee, kick,  and elbow combinations for an intense workout that will help you become stronger and more confident.

Most fitness gyms have classes teach you  combinations that make you perform punch and kicks combinations that are executed to an imagined opponent and just thrown into the air.  At Team Link you have the ability to work with the best training partners and work quality equipment such as punching bags, Thai pads, and a full size MMA cage. All of this equipment is utilized during your training. So you will get to punch and kick actual targets.

Muay Thai workouts allow you to burn hundreds of calories in just an hour. It also helps maintaining the heart rate to that 75% to 85%  that studies have  proven to be the  proper heart rate for an efficient cardio work out.

Muay Thai training will improve  your speed, stamina, and strength. Flexibility and the reflexes of your muscles will become enhanced. The movements done during training require you to develop balance and coordination that enables your body to be stable and maintain good form.

These physical benefits you will gain from our  Muay Thai program are just few of the many benefits you will develop. Not only will this help you get into the best shape of your life. You will learn some awesome self defense techniques that can be utilized in the real world. Also you can use this training to develop  relaxation and self-motivation. After you complete a class you will feel that stress has been removed from your body. It also helps you to get rid of that anger that you had inside of you. Once your anger is released, you will feel lightness in your body and a great sense of peace of mind.

Many fitness experts recommend Muay Thai training for beginners because it allows you to workout at your desired pace and body condition. Muay Thai allows you to push yourself to the limit and conditions you all at the same time

Positive results await you with Muay Thai training at Team Link. You will enjoy a physically fit body and will keep you in best shape you have ever been in. You have the option working out and exercising at your preferred level and skill.

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