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Jon Manley Wins His Fight and is the House – The Ultimate Fighter Fridays

It was a was great win over a very tough opponent. Jon Manley won his match against Ricky Legere Jr. This guy had a record of 14-4, was a Strikeforce veteran and was the favorite going in. Jon knew this was a fight for survival and played it smart. He controlled both the first and second round giving him the win  by decision. Dana White was not happy with fight because there was not a lot of action, but he did what he was supposed to do, WIN!!!!!

I can’t wait to Friday to see what happens next. This is the most exciting season yet, in my opinion.


Jon Manley Shown In The House – TUF 16 Preview

No one knows for sure, but it appears that Team Link’s Jon Manley makes it into the house.  Set your DVR’s or just  watch The Ultimate Fighter on Sept 14 on FX at 9pm.