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Manley On The Ultimate Fighter Season 16 – MMA Lessons Springfield MA

The UFC announced yesterday that Team Link’s own Jon Manley will be on the cast of The Ultimate Fighter that will premiere on Friday Sept 14 at 9pm. We are very proud and can’t wait to see this great instructor of MMA in Springfield MA get fight to get on the house. He has worked very hard to get where he is today. While in the process of starting his own Team Link School in Northampton MA, he got the call to go to the show. Can’t wait to see him go!!!!


Warrior Nation XFA Puts on Another Great Show – Team Link’s Nick Berube Wins

Our friends at Warrior Nation put on yet another great show this past Friday August 24, 2012 at the Hu Ke Lau in Chicopee, MA. I don’t know about what you enjoy, but I certainly like the fact I get the opportunity to eat a great meal and watch MMA in Western Mass.  The show went off with out a hitch, except when they needed to fix the floor of the ring because during a match there was a massive body slam that broke wood sub-flooring . That take down was well worth the wait between matches for them to fix it.

Initially Team Link had 4 fighters on this card, in fact we had the main event, but because of injuries and other issues it went down to only 1. That is ok, it is all part of the game. Well Nick Berube, from Team Link NH, did a great job and won his match by decision. He is a great fighter and has great coach, Alexandre “vaca” Moreno, who has been working with for years.

I would like to thank Jesse Camp and Tom Gomes for all there hard work they put into that event to bring to us the fans a quality show. I can’t wait for next one.

New MMA Gym in Western Mass

Team Link is getting very close to premier it’s new location to bring you quality MMA training in Springfield Massachusetts. Granted the new gym is in Ludlow, everyone knows where Springfield is. I can proudly say the new school will be worth the trip from any where in Western Mass, even New England for that matter. As lighted in our how to find a good BJJ school page, the same thing goes when choosing a gym to take MMA training in Springfield MA.

Do your research and decide what are your goals. Are you looking to get in shape and want good exercise? Do you want to learn self defense? Or do you want to explore a career in the sport of mixed martial arts and want to fight in the UFC? I do not know about you, but I would want to be trained by someone who trains fighters who have been able to get into the UFC. If an instructor’s teaching is good enough were there students get offered to fight in Ultimate Fighting, that must mean they are the best right? That is simple logic.


UFC Heavyweights from New England: MMA Training Springfield, MA

UFC Heavyweights Gabriel Gonzaga & Christian Morecraft

On the evening of Wednesday August 8, 2012 Team Link in Ludlow MA was filled with talent. Not only did you have the East Coast’s only UFC heavyweight fighters,  there was also 7 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts together in one gym. Ludlow is a small town in Western Mass for which Team Link MMA and soccer are two main things it is known for. (on a different note, Thursday August 9, 2012 the Stanley Cup was in Ludlow because the LA Kings General Manger, Dean Lombardi, grew up there….cool!) Having the opportunity to witness this type of training is incredible, the place was shook as almost 3,000 pounds of skilled fighters went at it. Most of whom that were there are also preparing for there own fights that will be happening in the very near future. For a full listing of these fights click this link MMA classes Springfield MA

Gabriel Gonzaga is preparing for UFC 153, which will be held in his home county on October 13, 2012 at the HBSC Arena in Rio de Janeriro, Brazil. He will be  facing Geronimo Dos Santos, a powerful new comer to the UFC. With the start of Gonzaga’s official training camp, Team Link is always able to pull together a group of great athletes to push each other to there limits and beyond. In fact the East Coast’s only UFC Heavyweights both currently live and train in Massachusetts.  It was great to these two cross train together. Rumors say this may be common re-occurrence, we will see.

If you ask around a common problem for heavyweights when looking for a gym to train mma in Springfield MA area or anywhere for that matter, is finding quality sparring partners their size. This is not case with Team Link, being the largest team in New England with over 10 ten gym locations, there are plenty of big guys ready to go on the drop of hat. If you live in New England and you are looking for a place to train or if you are a fighter and want to come train with the best, then contact them via there website .

MMA instruction Springfield MA

Team Link Professional MMA Fighter Training Camp : Ludlow MA

The photo above shows as listed from left to right: James Soffen (Team Link Manager), Christian Morecraft (UFC Heavyweight), Darrell Oliveira (Team Link Heavyweight), Master Marco Alvan (Team Link Head Coach/2nd Degree Blackbelt), Ricardo Oliveria (Team Link Spain/2nd Degree Blackbelt), Fabio Serrao (Team Link Utah/MMA Fighter/Black Belt), Juliano Coutinho (Cape Cod Fighting Alliance MMA Fighter/1st Degree Blackbelt), Gabriel Gonzaga (Team Link Worcester Head Coach/UFC Heavyweight/3rd Degree Blackbelt), Ricardo Funch (Team Link Pittsfield Head Coach/MMA fighter/Blackbelt), Jeff Nader (Cape Cod Fighting Alliance MMA Fighter), Alexandre Moreno (Team Link Manchester Head Coach/MMA Middleweight fighter/ Blackbelt), Gil de Freitas (MMA Fighter from Brasil) and Eder Riberio (Daniel Gracie Brown Belt).
Stay posted as articles will be written highlighting each fighter individually.
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Taking MMA Lessons in Springfield MA

Some big questions to ask when choosing a gym to take MMA classes in Springfield MA is how many professional fighters does that school have? How many of the fighters are in the UFC, have fought in the UFC or about to be signed in the UFC? Do other fighters and BJJ stars go there train? Do fighters come other countries like Brazilian and Spain to learn and step up there game? I am not telling you what the right answer is to these questions are.  You can figure it out for yourself.

To be good at MMA you must be good at all aspects of the sport. Such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Striking, kicking, and wrestling. Strength and conditioning along with cardio are essential aspects of the game as well.

Why should you choose a gym that has a really good BJJ program if you are looking for MMA instruction in Springfield MA? The reason is simply put, Jiu Jitsu is extremely technical and takes a very long time to become good. That is why you should start kids with BJJ and then work in other styles as they age.