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How To Be An All Around Good Martial Artist

Becoming a “all around good martial artist” may mean different things to different people. I am only going to say what I think it means.  You don’t have to hit every point, but make it a point to try.

Know how to handle yourself on the street

Most people focus on different techniques they learn in class. The problem with that is most likely in the street these scenarios do not come up. Learn the techniques and master them, but use them to create your own natural movements. I have created hundreds of different techniques of the ones I learned in class. Also on the street, remember rules do not apply.

Priority training in one area, but making sure to cross train

No one will master every aspect of every single fighting style, but make sure you do not just focus on one art. If you are black belt in one style, do not just train that style because you are good at. Make sure to train in styles that you may need work. If you don’t, it may be a potential hazard for you. Remember in all aspect of training, the things that do not come as natural are the things you most likely need to work on the most.

Realizing the 3 aspects of hand to hand combat: striking, takedowns, and grappling

Hear is a solution to become well rounded by training some BJJ, Muay Thai, wrestling and Judo. By doing so, you will cover all your bases. You will have an understanding of striking, kicking, take downs, and grappling. To be good at MMA, you must be good at all of these.

Understand how defend against weapons and how to use them

Knowing what to do against someone if a knife or a gun is pulled is crucial. Let’s hope it never happens, but why not be prepared. Also you should learn how to use as many weapons as possible, at least become familiar. Anything can be turned into a weapon if you need it to be.

Character Building

Learning martial arts is not just something you learn, it is something you live. Make sure to learn the philosophies behind martial arts and structure your life around it. Let martial arts make you a better person. A person that is really good at martial arts will not use it unless there is no other way. Become the person people look up to and want to learn and train with you.

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